Australia is missing a private college created by chiropractors, for chiropractic
Australia needs a philosophically sound programme that equips future chiropractors to provide world-class chiropractic care

There is an increased public demand for holistic healthcare services in Australia. The ACC aims to provide a cutting edge, holistic, naturalistic and humanistic approach to chiropractic education.

Help us reimagine how chiropractic education is delivered to meet the needs of Australians. The Australian Chiropractic College is a brilliant solution for the chiropractic professio

The ACC aims to ensure:

  • A principled voice for chiropractic
  • Revenue generated feeds straight back into the profession
  • A focus on research and innovation
  • Institutionalising chiropractic principles and values
  • Practice ready, business savvy, research literate practitioners
  • Better outcomes
  • A vital future