Who We Are

The ACC Initiative is driven by a group of dedicated industry leaders committed to the future of chiropractic. The ACC Initiative is a Non For Profit organisation whose purpose is to:

  • Advance public knowledge and understanding of chiropractic
  • Encourage, promote and facilitate education in health in connection with the Science, Art, Philosophy of chiropractic
  • Represent the interests and concerns of the ACC Initiative to government, the community and the profession

We Need You

Being a Not For Profit organisation the ACC Initiative relies on its key sponsors to fund its mission. By giving to the ACC Initiative you will be:

  • part of a shift in chiropractic education
  • supporting chiropractic principles and values that are lost in the current programs
  • building a strong future for chiropractic around the globe
  • aiding in the creation of practice ready, business savvy, research literate chiropractors who can promote chiropractic to the world.

Watch how the ACC logo was born