A Note of Gratitude

I am not sure how you would write it, you know, that sound you make when you sit down and exhale through puffed cheeks after a busy day, but thats how I want to open this note….. perhaps ‘Phewwwwww’ will cover it.

What an unreal few days it has been, and it is time to give thanks.

We can all be very proud of what we have done. Whilst there are some who have worked very hard on this initiative, the ACC would not have it’s registration and accreditation if it were not for all of you. Many of you have supported us with your well wishes and hopes. Some of you have given of your time and energy. And there are those of you who have given your precious money. Our deepest thanks to you, this achievement is to be shared by us all. Be proud that the ACC is truly the creation of the chiropractic profession for chiropractic.

There are also some out there who have not wanted the ACC to succeed. In an odd way they have also contributed to our achievement. They have kept us honest, energised, and focused, and while it has been hurtful at times, they are also part of this. I hope that at some point they will see that the ACC will benefit us all.

A further group exists that ACC has yet to effectively reach. These are the fence-sitters who have been watching and waiting to see the outcome of our attempts at registration. To you I say, now it is safe to come out and celebrate with us. Even though you may have felt you could not support us before, ACC wants your support and involvement. We are ready to speak with you whenever you are ready.

It has been a very emotionally draining week. Your well wishes and notes have been very welcomed, and there is one that I would like to share. This message reminded me of something I had forgotten: just how big an impact ACC will have on the wider world. Many of the talks and trips I have made in the last few years have been to speak to the chiropractic community, and yet I think the biggest impact of ACC will be on those outside the profession. Many people that I dont know have sent their thanks, and many (like this person) work outside the chiropractic bubble. This is why I think this person’s note is worth sharing. What they said was, “Oh my!!!! I am so fricken excited and pumped and thankful…I’m on my couch crying with complete and utter happiness!!!“…Well I gotta say I felt much the same.

Thank you all for the part you have played in getting us here. Together, we have left a mark in history.

Yours in Chiropractic