Academic Board

Whose Board?

Certainly not the ACC!

The ACC has gathered an astounding group of people as its academic governance group the Academic Board. The Academic Board has a delegated authority from the Board of Directors to govern all the academic affairs of the ACC. This includes things like policy production, course approval and recruitment of academic staff, amongst other roles.

The ACC is very proud to announce its Academic Board as:

Professor Hamish Coates
Academic Board Chair

Professor Hamish Coates has extensive experience in higher education over the last 20 years, and includes work in 50 countries and multiple research papers in the area of HE. Hamish’s extensive CV can be read here

Associate Professor Allan Terrett
Academic Board Member

ACC Course Development Committee Chair

The resident Chiropractor on the AB is Associate Professor Allan Terrett who’s experience includes 20 plus years teaching at the RMIT chiropractic
programme in Melbourne.

Dr Pieter Kachelhoffer
Academic Board Member

CDC Member

Dr Pieter Kachelhoffer’s higher education expertise spans 4 countries, most notably and most recently with the New Zealand College of Chiropractic
where he was intimately involved with both professional and government accreditation.

Associate Professor Di Chamberlain
Academic Board Member

Associate Professor Di Chamberlain rounds out the AB. Di brings with her allied health experience in the field of nursing as well as vast research and
professional leadership experience. Di is on faculty of Flinders University School of Nursing and Mid-wifery.

The AB has already completed significant amounts of work as the ACC prepares for TEQSA registration. The rest of the profession is both humbled and excited to have such a group working towards the highest quality program teaching chiropractic in the country.