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Attention all Chiropractors!

Are you ready to give back to the profession that has given you so much?

Are you ready to invest in a strong profession for the future?

Are you ready to receive a supply of future graduates who live the Chiropractic lifestyle?

When you Donate, you get the opportunity to ‘Pay it Forward’ by being a foundational member of an institution that is dedicated to: preserving the chiropractic vision, expanding the chiropractic science, supporting the chiropractic techniques used in the field, and speaking out for chiropractic.

When you Donate to the ACC Initiative you will:

  • Put more ‘leaves on the ACC tree’
  • Be included in a worldwide movement towards chiropractic as a valid profession in its own right
  • Support a chiropractic program in Australia that channels ALL of its income back into the profession

We are not asking you for your valuable time only your financial support in proportion to your value on chiropractic.

We ask you to:

  • Give now to ensure that ACC gets through the accreditation process
  • Give now for the future of Chiropractic in Australia
  • Give now according to how much you have benefited from chiropractic.

With foundational membership you are giving back to the profession that has given you so much…We  will create a strong profession by creating graduates who are market ready leaders who live the Chiropractic lifestyle.

Every minute you wait is another minute lost to the cause.

Thank you for giving back to the profession that has given you so much and more!


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