New Zealand College of Chiropractic Makes Historic Gift

signingThe drive to establish a private chiropractic college in Australia has long been motivated by the quality and output of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. As the ACC idea became more solid, dialogue opened up with NZCC to aid in mentoring and advising the establishment process. That dialogue has matured to a strong relationship that has now born a most wonderful gift.
Following an intensive interview process to assess the values and core philosophies of the ACC and those of its key driving personnel the NZCC Board of Trustees voted to share its curriculum with the ACC in February this year. This was a landmark decision. The decision flew in the face of good business sense as the NZCC wanted nothing in return other than that the curriculum was not shared with anyone else, and that the ACC kept the curriculum pure.

The NZCC curriculum has been valued at a minimum of $5 million, making this gift a truly unique charitable act and is a testament to the vision of the NZCC Board and its commitment to chiropractic.

Last month in San Francisco, Dr Ash Pritchard, Chair of the NZCC Board of Trustees and Dr Patrick Sim, Chair of the ACC, signed the historic agreement between the two colleges in front of the chairs of the Rubicon Group colleges at Life West’s the Wave event. This facilitated the transfer of the first tranche of curriculum materials to the ACC. The ACC’s Course Development Committee has begun unpacking these materials and mapping them against the Australian higher education standards.

In recognition of the NZCC/ACC agreement, Dr Sim made a presentation at NZCC’s Lyceum last weekend to thank the NZCC Board for their gift acknowledge the importance of the agreement. Dr Phil McMaster, president of NZCC was presented with a plaque to be displayed on the NZCC campus; and Dr Pritchard was presented with a Jacaranda sapling representative of the ACC logo and ‘seeding’ of a new college that NZCC had provided in Australia.