Pathways to ACC

Diploma of Health Science

The Australian College of Natural Therapie delivers a Diploma of Health Science that covers 5 of the 7 of the required prerequisite units.  The Diploma of Health Science will provide students with a fully approved award.  The Diploma of Health Sciences is fully online and has been reviewed by ACC’s Academic Board as a suitable part pathway for entry to ACC. The microbiology and biophysics units will need to be completed outside of this course. To enroll in the Diploma of Health Sciences click here and make sure you mention your desire to attend the ACC.


The biophysics prerequisite is attainable from a number of providers. Open Universities, for instance, offer several classes that would satisfy ACC’s requirements such as:

  • UNL – UNL71-2019 (non-award) Physics; and
  • UNE-PHYS100-2019 (part of an undergraduate degree) Introductory Physics


The microbiology prerequisite is attainable from a number of providers. ACC will provide suitable examples shortly.

Other Pathways

Other pathways exist through alternative higher education providers within Australia and internationally. Please consult with your course advisor about meeting ACC’s prerequisites when enrolling in units.

Coming Soon

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